Foreign Exchange or Forex or Future Market (FX) is a Perfect market place for a Lazy, Lonely, jobless, Self-Employment, Retired, leisured person like U & ME, but seriously have a great deep eagerness to Make Money Genuinely & Instantly.  So, this is a simply quick, easy & reliable education for naive beginners, experts. Do not forget to read every words pointed out in this course- Be Your Own Boss, and EARN more than your Employed Friend in a month, how?

What Basic skills needed?
Basic Computer knowledge, skills, and little money is enough to start investing.  Also, Download a Mobile Trade app. Investors start with little money to make more money, not inverse.

What is a FX  / Commodity Market?
FX is the global largest volatile, instant online trading market system, 5 Days (Monday-Friday) a week, 24Hr on currency exchanges rates (between two currencies), future Metals (Gold[Au], Silver[Ag], Copper[Cu], etc..), Future Commodities (Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Agro products etc..).

KNOW Best in FX
– One Transaction Complete: Buy to Sell; Sell to Buy.  If you don’t complete, unrealized Profit/Loss will not be yours.
-No need to search Customers (like in share market), patiently trade, Instant Trade.
– Market is Predictable 7 times out of 10, as Repeating Market Pattern.
– Take Profit (TP) can be made on either market is going down or up trend.
– Have Backup money for Margin Call in case of Loss Trending, else Equity Hit will empty your deal pocket.
-Most important: High Risk= High Loss chances.


                                                       WHAT IS YOUR GOAL?
only. Universal Formula is only PROFIT= HIGH SELL PRICE – LOW BUY PRICE. Profit Opportunities everywhere, every time. Remember, You can do Sell First when price is on high, and wait to buy, when market price goes down to TP positively.
Loss-risk minimizing management) – At least overall 70 % monthly transaction should be on TP, 30% loss with Stop Loss (SL) system. Also in each transaction, your TP should be at least 3 times greater than SL.

                                        PRACTICE   DEMO   TIME
A week long for Basic course only- 2 HRs everyday. Practice for 6 months on DEMO account with $ 1000, if you make it $10,000 AND your trade transaction number should be at least 100 times independently. Because, behind every successful trader there is a lot of unsuccessful years.

                                HOW TO START SERIOUSLY 
Computer or TABLETS Hardware – 15 inch Laptop – 8 GB RAM – Use Mouse – Internet Service (1 Mbps), Money (US $ 500 or Rs. 50,000). TABLETS is better, so I prefer IPAD PRO or HUAWEI company’s 12inch Matebook.

                                                        Trade & Analysis :
A good reliable broker is essential and means who gives you the best possible any honest suggestions. Open an account with online banking with Third party transfer facility recommended by your broker. Fundamental analysis- Country NEWS also affects markets trend. Another your Sentimental Analysis plays usually while trading from your experience, Fear, Greed, Hope. In Technical Analysis, you should learn Candlesticks, Chart Trends, Indicators to predict market in advance. Follow:

Trading Software – Download FX Pro Meta Client Terminal 4/5 from for trading purpose or learning.

                                      Features of a Software:
ICONS: Just Below Menu that helps to take orders, Zoom In/Out, Draw Analysis Tools.
Periodicity: Market in Minutes (M), Hours (H), Daily (D), Monthly(M) display. (Note: Watch Market in M1 (Minute 1) for Excitement of FOREX MARKET).
Market Watch: Left Pane- Display Market products like Currency Ex, Commodities, Futures Market.
Chart: As shown in below figure with a Black Color Background that shows a real market.
Toolbar: Below Pane display your Transaction details, Market display in numbers, Profit/Loss, etc.


In What Time Frame the whole World Trade?

Trading Strategy 1:
Learn Basics to become an Expert: First Learn on Handling Trading Software, Understand Trend/Chart Patterns and Indicators under this Technical part.

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9 5 job and forex trading

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