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Perfect Trader, first learns by experiences collected in a demo Trade. However, few conclusions can be accepted generally for profit. A perfect trader trades out of 10 trade, only 3 could possibly go loss trade and accepted.

  1. RSI and TrendLine:  As below, BUY N SELL at points respect to RESISTANCE N SUPPORT is one of very important to consider. The following chart pattern show the break out for NORTH direction as shown in below in the end usual trend. Trade-In (Buy/Sell) and Trade-Out (with profit) are quintessential, else any reverse will give u a loss.
RSI and Trendlines

Lesson 1: RSI and Trendline for Perfect Trading

2. PERIODICITY: If you’ve small US $ 5000, trade on Day, H4, H1, 30 min. If u go weekly, swing trade may get u to Equity Hit (total loss of ur a/c balance). It means quick in and quick out.


Posted June 26, 2016 by arjunlimbu

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